Patch release information

Please note: This version remains available for those who need to add machines to an existing installation, or want functionality equivalent to the Windows 3.1 version, but the current version is 2.0.

Versions 1.60e and 3.60e were completed on 17 May 1999. This release fixes most bugs discovered in versions 1.60c/3.60c. To determine if you need the patch release, please consult the What's new list below or the fixed bug list.

Downloading the new version

Please choose the link corresponding to your platform: If you prefer the traditional manual installation or want to save a few minutes of download time, you can choose one of the following versions without the installer:

What's new in versions 1.60e/3.60e:

  1. In trig graph paper, legends for "1 pi" are now simply "pi"
  2. Coordinate cursor now prints polar coordinates (t,r) when polar graph paper is selected.
  3. Fixed another problem with the toolbar caused by the lastest IE4. This one may only have occurred on NT, not 95/98.
  4. Added the statistical functions "gamma" and "gammaln" (natural logarithm of the gamma function).
  5. Added "**" as an alternative to "^" as the exponentiation operator.
  6. Fixed a bug which caused Integrate Curve region to display incorrectly in some cases when zoomed in too far.
  7. Entire graph is drawn for equations like x=y^3, not just positive half.
  8. Fixed a problem which could cause the first on-screen point to be calculated incorrectly for polar and parametric graphs (leaving a gap at the edge of the screen).
  9. Fixed a problem with very small domains on a logarithmic scale which caused too much of the curve to be drawn.

What's new in versions 1.60c/3.60c:

  1. Graphs copied to the clipboard as a metafile should insert properly into AutoCad.
  2. Fixed potential crashes in Integrate Curve when most of the region to integrate over is off-screen.

What's new in versions 1.60b/3.60b:

  1. Printing at 600 dpi is now supported (Windows only).
  2. A bug which caused inequalities like "x > 2" to be filled incorrectly has been fixed.

What's new in versions 1.60a/3.60a:

The following enhancements have been made in all three versions of the program.
  1. Point tables should be much less likely to incorrectly report a value where in fact the function is not defined (i.e. a singularitiy).
  2. Maximum number of annotaions allowed may be set using the maxannnote flag in the [options] section of graphmat.ini.
  3. Graphs of high-order polynomials with very steep, concave lobes should be shown in entirety at normal fineness. (Previously parts might be skipped if they were too narrow.)

Windows specific fixes:

The following bugs were patched in both Windows versions.
  1. Default fonts at low-resolution modes are now correctly set to be Courier New, so side labels can be rotated properly. (Previously set to Courier screen font, but only True-Type fonts can be rotated.)
  2. You can once again place annotations using the arrow keys instead of the mouse.
  3. Polar graph paper now displays correctly when you have selected gridlines or solid gridlines detail level.
In addition, one Windows-specific enhancement was made:
  1. Print dialog box has a new option to disable printing of equation list below graphs if desired.

32-bit specific fixes:

The patches below are for bugs that only affected the Windows 95/NT version.
  1. Switching applications when mouse is captured (e.g. when in coordinate cursor) on Win95 now releases the mouse capture properly.
  2. Toolbar displays properly with Internet Explorer 4.0 installed.
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